NSS Data Science Cohort-1

The first Data Science Cohort learned by working on real world data sets, answering real world data questions provided by:
  • Metro Nashville Government
  • 247Sports/CBS Interactive
  • TN Department of Education
  • Big G Express
  • NASA
  • New Constructs
In these team-based, hands-on projects, students used all steps of the data science process: getting data, cleaning data, doing exploratory data analysis, building models, testing hypotheses, and telling the story/communicating the results of their work. During the 9-month program, students also completed individual mid-course and capstone projects.

Along the way, they learned a toolset that included Python, R, Git, SQL, and Cypher.

The Students

Brandon Sanders

More than 12 years experience in business providing data analytics and visualizations to tell a story and drive strategy.
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Dereje Getu

Business minded data enthusiast. Keen to machine learning applications towards market research and finance.
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Evan Lancaster

Math/Stats teacher turned developer turned data scientist, interested in all things machine learning.
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James CarMichael

Data science enthusiast who is passionate about creating transparency within the healthcare industry.
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Jarrod A. Johnson

Data wizard with experience in consulting, business plans, healthcare, and clinical science. Likes adding tools to his belt more than Batman (ML, stats, programming, tech, etc.).
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Justin Rothbart

Amazon frequently recommends that I buy more video games, programming books, and camping supplies.
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Kenneth Wilson

Data Warehouse Engineer exploring new data techiniques to provide more effective products and solutions to industry problems.
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Mahesh Rao

Neuroscientist turned data nerd. Passionate about tackling abstract problems with data.
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Mukul Mittal

Statistical programmer and data scientist with experience in drug discovery process, clinical trial analysis and health care analysis.
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Massih Forootan

Agricultural biotechnologist and statistical programmer exploring the data science arena.
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Paulo Martinez

Programmer passionate about the non-profit sector; former logic, math and philosophy instructor.
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Sanjay Mishra

Data curious Biotechnologist with a habit of telling stories about science and patterns.
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Shruti Sharma

Programmer, Data Enthusiast, Scientist, Writer in progress… Not necessarily in that order!
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Smita Mishra

Passionate about finding the causes and cure for cancer through research and data exploration; love storytelling!
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Suhasini Pallai

Passionate to extract meaningful information hidden behind the numbers and eager to solve challenging business problems in the field of Data Science.
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Taylor Perkins

Just a city boy, living in east Nashville. Likes taking trains anywhere.
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Vinay Khedkar

Implementing financial systems for various industries; looking to use NLP, Machine Learning & AI to solve real world problems.
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Xander Morrison

I like making stuff.
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